Stephen King: More than gushy gore + bloody body parts

I know what you’re probably thinking. But then again, I might not. But here is usually what happens:

Stephen King -> bloody gross horror -> disturbing -> no thanks, I’ll stick to watching Inglorious Bastards

What a lot of people don’t realize about Stephen King, is that his glory lies in his fantasy books. Stephen King writes fantasy books?! Yes. At least I consider them to be fantasy. But then again, I’m not into being technical. But judge for yourself: New worlds never written about, mysterious doorways, great battles…

All this, not to mention just amazing character development that makes you literally fall into the books (no pun intended). His writing is one of the rawest I have come across, it makes you feel squirm and feel uncomfortable. At the same time, it’s super tongue-in-cheek, and sometimes he even makes you actually lol. Oh Stephen. He really is an amazing writer.

In high school, my ex-boyfriend (who I found out was just super crazy, but that’s a different story) got me into reading The Gunslinger, and then *bam* I was screwed, because I was totally hooked, and the rest of The Dark Towers series was just astounding but also about a billion pages in total. BUT SO WORTH IT!!!! Once I’m out of college poverty, I’m going to buy the series and re-read them in all its glory.

Also, there’s another book by him called Duma Key. It’s about a rich guy who’s life gets shattered, and he ends up renting this house in a place called Duma Key in Florida. The journey is obviously not as vast as in The Dark Tower, but this is one of his more story-driven (rather than horror-driven) books in my opinion. Again, amazing character development.

And now, I’m reading The Talisman which he co-wrote with Peter Straub (I’m still not sure how that worked), but so far its good.

Moral of the story: Give Stephen King a chance, you will not regret it. I would try The Gunslinger, and if that’s not enough, promise me, just push on to the second book in the series, The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three.


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