His Dark Materials: Pullman’s awesome fantasty masterpiece

I tend to call it the “Golden Compass Series”, but it’s really called “His Dark Materials” series. Either way, it is possibly one of my ultimate favorite fantasy series that I have ever read. Ever since reading it, I have a silly but certain respect for anyone that might be named Lyra in real life (the name of the main character of the series), mostly because she is the ultimate badass. The series takes place in various worlds, and shifts from the boring and normal to the extraordinary.

I really think it’s one of those must-read-classic books. The Golden Compass is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet with its fantastic and imaginative joy ride that will have you wishing for a daemon of your own and the charm to befriend polar bears. In the second book of the series, The Subtle Knife, things get even better with new characters and some new adventures. The ending to the series, The Amber Spyglass is also superb. Phillip Pullman has a way of painting fantastic yet incredibly believable landscapes with strange yet familiar characters and animals.

Being such a masterpiece (in my opinion anyway), it definitely opened my eyes to the world of fantasty novels. I’m not so into the unicorns and stuff (although I haven’t tried reading much about them so maybe I should before I stereotype them) but it led my path to reading Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. But then again, even growing up, I was always attracted to the books that told stories that seemed like it could take place in a world very like Earth, worlds with just enough magical dust to make you want to live there.


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