Eat, Pray, Love…Could they change my life too?

Because I battled depression a few years ago, reading Elizabeth Gilbert share her story without shame and with honesty just cut me to the core (in a good way). I felt a sort of kinship with her in that sense, and her writing is nothing but beautiful yet concise. I adore and respect her ability to bare her problems, her deepest emotional feelings, beliefs, while relaying them all with complete honesty. I don’t even want to write very much about this book for fear of ruining any of it for a future reader. Man, woman, teenager, adult, wife, husband, son, daughter…whoever you are, allow yourself to pick up this wonderful book and let yourselves be transported through her words into world unimagined, beautiful, exotic, and inspirational.

And later on when I found out all the controversy of middle-aged women taking over Bali…I have to just laugh at them. Copying what Elizabeth Gilbert did isn’t going to bring them happiness or enlightenment. I can’t blame her either for causing the problem–it’s just a classic American response to something they like and want to emulate.

And the movie? Haven’t seen it. Julia Roberts is great, but books > movies 4 LYFE


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